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Nike invited to participate in a number of London Nova latest publicity campaign "Play", including models Mary Charteris, sister, partner and brand designer Erdem's Sara Moralioglu and Olympic favorites Joey Duck, designed to allow female consumers to re-examine this Traditionally "masculine sense" brand. Inspired by the famous stylist Leith Clark and Nike partner with her favored women's dialogue, cheap jordan shoes for men relations with women celebrate praise their favorite sport between. is perhaps the appearance of the score is not high, HyperQuickness 2015 and not the favor of the majority of sneakerhead, but the a team shoes hyper series, application configuration still is impeccable, before and after the partition type zoom cushioning, Fus uppers with Flywire dynamic fly line threading, and with asymmetric tongue cheap foamposites elements of various type shoe design, overwhelmed, shoes and offer the new color, full-bodied depth Bi blue main layout, with obvious contrast effect of orange swoosh and the end of modified, quite some Knicks theme of the show, the color has debut, No. 749882-484. source: NIKE after 9 months of silence, the beginning of September to the EU once again Chinese products frequently anti-dumping "big Cheap air jordan 12 ovo stick": in September 4th, 5, the European Union on the Chinese production of citric acid and MSG initiated anti-dumping investigation; after a review after 15 months, the European Commission and suggestions for the production Chinese energy-saving lamps levy 1 anti-dumping duty; and is struggling under the sword of anti-dumping China shoe, also recently ushered in the EU anti circumvention investigat cheap jordans for sale mens ion...... at the same time, a strong sense of "reflection" voice sounded: since the EU EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson said publicly, though taking anti-dumping duties and other trade punitive measures often is reasonable and correct, but if the anti-dumping measures to limit the EU enterprises pursue reasonable profit management strategy or like in China energy-saving lamps in the case of fl cheap jordans for sale agrant disregard for energy-saving policy of the European Union and the European production determine the reality, also be counterproductive. reflective period brings rare calm in fact, at present, the EU is on the trade policy of "reflection" argument: in December 2006, the EU Trade Commission issued a "green book" to solicit public opinion, launched for the first time in 10 years of Retro jordans for sale large-scale assessment and discussion of including anti-dumping trade measures. The findings of the green paper will be announced soon, and the European Commission will review the anti-dumping measures. review in recent years China's products suffer from the EU trade investigation can see obvious fluctuation: 2005, 2006 the European Union on the Chinese initiated 9 trade remedy investigations Retro jordans for sale , 12 case, and in 2007, from the EU trade remedy investigation is a rare period of silence. "the EU interest group has been engaged in a fierce game performance, calm, and a sudden increase in trade remedy case is only a manifestation of this game only," Panyu Chuangxin Shoes Co., Ltd. chairman Wu Zhenchang said. In the EU's footwear products anti-dumping investigation in the case, Wu Zhencha cheap jordans online ng had launched the "EU anti-dumping shoes products Union, on behalf of China shoe with the European Commission" a few rounds of World War ii". Last October 4th, the European Union finally ruled that it would impose a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes, and the time limit was shortened to two years from the previous five years. the double-edged sword effect game will continue Cheap air jordans for sale and this year, one) Spanish anger burned Chinese shoes fire has been in the past two years, the Russian seizure of Chinese shoes also quiet for a long time, but the Chinese shoes are still endless storm. In 2006, it was not auspicious in shoe enterprises. Some Chinese footwear products were seized at the port of Italy on the grounds that the potential toxic substances tested in the sampling Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping test exceeded the standards set by the European union. Since the end of last year, seven ministries jointly issued "on the control of high energy consumption and high pollution and resource products export related measures of the notice", the domestic leather industry seems to be in swing state, loss, hardship is the leather industry in the first half of the overall feeling. Shoe making enterprises are also in bad times, especially in China, which is mainly based on the export of European Union countries. But the shoe enterprise's dispirited, then directly affects the tannery enterprise survival condition. The entire footwear industry's value chain chain has been threatened with great survival. "volume does not represent the competitiveness of the footwear industry as labor-intensive industries in recent years has not been out of the rising trend of labor costs, to scale or to the quality of the competition to the new competition, it is necessary for us to reflect deeply on the problems." Hengda Group Chairman Wang Jiwan says to the author. For a long time, the domestic footwear manufacturers serious in technology on the homogeneity of shoes, color models on the basic PA, either in person or OEM difficult day, put a huge effort to create their own brand, otherwise the enterprise can only wait for death. In the homogenization of products, quality homogenization, homogenization of channels, marketing homogenization today, "we can not do an average unit price of 5.9 U. S. dollars."Date: 2017-4-16 fan commissioning editor: to love the shoes you want all the seven dragon shoes Carnival

Tag: jordan aj 29 , michael jordan shoes 2016 , jordan 2 black , jordan xx9 asw

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