Our Capabilities & Services


We use fabrication services like state of the art CNC panel saws and turning processes to ensure the most accurate measurements in the business. Need specially stamped or die-cut pieces? We can handle that in-house on a variety of materials.

  • Sawing - CNC Panel saws - to 3 inches thick x 12 ft long

  • Turning - CNC turning - to 13.185 inches diameter x 48 inches long

  • Milling - CNC machining centers - to 5 inches thick x 5 ft x 10 ft

  • Stamping & Die Cutting - Available for large or small lot sizes on a variety of materials


Before your product goes out, we perform close inspections and assembly to ensure we meet the precise qualifications for your project. Our computer coordinate measuring machines (CMM) ensure complete accuracy.


We’re dedicated to going the extra mile for all our customers! We offer assembly in-house from mechanical fastening, thermal and chemical bonding, and assembly of customer-supplied parts. We can print, silkscreen, or paint your order to customize it specifically for your project. Red Seal is proud to offer custom packaging and labeling and a precise inventory control system that allows us to maintain a 98% on-time delivery rate!

  • Assembly - Mechanical fastening, thermal and chemical bonding, welding and assembly of customer supplied components

  • Finishing - Ink jet printing- with lot number, date, and/or sequential markings, silkscreening, spray booth and dipping.

  • Custom Packaging and Labeling - Bar coding, drop shipments

  • Kanban Programs - Just-in-Time deliveries and inventory control

Electronic Data Exchange

No one wants to have to keep track of papers on top of their project! Red Seal uses electronic data exchanges such as EDI and EFTPS to handle all your documents with us, from orders and invoices to payments processed.

CAD/CAM data exchange allows us to electronically exchange computer generated drawing and MRP data files with all our customers to make sure your special orders meet your exact specifications.

  • EDI, EFTPS - Electronic exchange of documents including orders, shipping documents, invoices and payments

  • CAD/CAM - Electronic exchange of computer generated drawings and MRP data files