Isomag 175

Isomag 175


Phosphate bonded forsterite board, 96lb density, 1800°F.

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Phosphate bonded forsterite board, 96lb density, 1800°F.

Isomag® 175 is a high strength insulating board suitable as an electrical insulator or a thermal barrier material in a variety of industrial applications. Its magnesia silicate based formulation provides a product with an outstanding combination of high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity. Incombustible, Isomag® 175 is totally free of asbestos and may be cut or machined with readily available tools.

Isomag 175 Applications

  • Platen press insulation

  • Arc chutes

  • Resistor grids

  • Induction furnaces

  • Pot pads

  • Buss support insulation

  • Foundry bottom boards

  • Blow boards

Isomag 175 Advantages

  • Low heat loss at higher temperatures

  • Low shrinkage at temperature use limit

  • High temperature rating

  • Asbestos and ceramic fiber free

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