Why the "Red Seal" Name?

Why the ‘Red Seal’ Name?

We are often being asked where the company name originated from; as near as we can tell… 

The words and color of the 'Red Seal' were first trademarked by the Victor Talking Machine Co (later RCA), and used in commerce as of July 1902.  

It (the color) originated from the Russian branch of a related recording company (G&T), and the color red was perceived in that country as an indicator of the highest quality product, and the ‘Seal’ literally being a foil seal used to close the packaging. 

Max Hain, a Russian emigrant to the United States,  began using the Red Seal name mid-1947, adding ‘Electric’ to designate the products he sold –  electric insulation devices, primarily installed in Steel Mills. 

We believe he may have chosen to call his company by this name, carrying forward the tradition that the Red Seal indicated the best products in the marketplace. 

The products Red Seal Electric sold were actually produced by the Durolet Manufacturing Company, founded in September 1946, by Sam Stryffeler. 

With all end customers believing that Red Seal Electric produced the products, it was a natural progression to change the name of Durolet Manufacturing Company to Red Seal Electric at Max’s retirement  –  and on April 23rd, 1952 the name was legally changed. 

Interestingly, our logo, which began appearing on documents in the mid-1950’s features a sea lion, not a seal –  the two are mainly distinguished from each other by their ears and flippers. 

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it… 

Bryan Buchko