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Food / Material Handling

You will find Red Seal springs in vibratory conveyors, feeders, and screens processing everything from potato chips and fries to nuts and bolts. We are the exclusive North American distributor for Cyply Springs (formerly Scotchply).

CYPLY® 1002 is a cured epoxy composite material based on a unique parallel filament construction. This type of construction minimizes filament stress abrasion that can shorten fatigue life in conventional reinforced plastics. CYPLY® 1002 uses type E continuous filament fiberglass. It is supplied as cured panels or we can fabricate according to your needs. CYPLY 1002 is available in unidirectional, crossply, or isotropic fiber orientation, each offering a different balance of properties.

If your food or material handling needs include heat sealing we can provide you with glass polyester insulation, including Glastherm HT.

Press Platen / Mold Insulation

The rising cost of energy is just one reason to consider Red Seal’s full line of Press Platen and Mold insulation. You’ll also benefit from a more uniform and consistent thermal pattern.

We offer materials in four main product groups for your press platen and mold insulation needs: Calcium Silica, Glass Polyester, Cement Board, and Mica. Marinite P, (Calcium Silica) offers a higher temperature rating than the glass polyester. The Glass Polyesters (Glastherm HT and S, Thermolate, and Haysite H320, H330 and H340) have a higher compressive strength and are denser and stronger. Of course these factors are all affected by the thickness of the material and your particular application.

A newer entry in this arena, HT 220 combines a higher thermal rating with a tougher, denser board. Also, view the specs on grade H340 also known as Heatmeiser, the latest addition to our mold jacket and platen thermal insulation product line. Heatmiser maintains a consistent compressive strength at elevated temperatures.

Cogetherm M and Cogetherm P are Muscovite and Phlogopite Mica impregnated boards. These boards are designed for use under very stringent conditions and have excellent resistance to heat and even to open flames.

You might want to investigate the benefits of Pyropel, a material with very good thermal and compressive strength characteristics even at relatively thin sheet sizes.

Click below for detailed specs on our Press Platen and Mold Insulation materials.

Stationary / Moving / Electrification Systems

Red Seal provides a wide variety of electrical and thermal insulation products for your overhead traveling cranes and hoists. We have standoff insulators and power take-off solutions for all your overhead needs. Our proprietary line of stand-off insulators have been proven over many years of use in steel mills and other heavy industries, and even in a famous amusement park.

Electrical / Powergen / Switchgear / UPS / Busbar

We are a major supplier to the household names in OEM electrical supply, with our primary focus being fabricated glass polyester insulating parts. From GP01 to SG200, we offer a full line of insulating materials with a wide range of specifications and applications. Our fabricated parts are found in switch gears, transfer cases, transformer controls, and battery chargers; everything from the basic spacer to exotic washers designed to insulate electric utility poles from the power lines in the jungles of South America.

You’ll even find a number of Red Seal insulating materials in windmills helping to produce green energy. Behind the scenes at your favorite big box retailer, Red Seal insulators help keep emergency battery lighting ready to go. You can order most materials in a variety of shapes, including sheet, angle, rod and tube.

To round out our offering in this area, we also supply custom slit Nomex, sleeving, varnishes, wedges and 3M tapes. Click below for detailed specs on Red Seal materials used in the Electrical and Powergen Industries.

Induction Heating / Mast Arm Insulation

Our primary insulation material offerings for Mast Arm Insulation include G7, G10 and Mica in the form of Cogetherm M and Cogetherm P. For Induction Heating applications we offer Transite 1000, Transite HT, and H-91. You will also find SG200 and HST-II work very well in both applications. Please click on the materials below to see detailed specs or click here to see a comparison of materials based on thermal properties.

Foundry / Industrial Oven / Thermal Insulation

We offer fabrication of materials that will take the heat…up to 2300 degrees F. in the case of SG-70. Other materials of interest include Transite 1000, Transit HT, and H91. Marinite A can be found in fabricated paddles, baffles, and troughs used in the aluminum smelting process and Marinite I and P also have many applications in foundry and industrial oven insulation For hot glass applications, see the specs on CS85.

Lighting / Glass Manufacturing

Red Seal is a major supplier of insulation to glass handling and glass equipment manufacturing sector. You will find Red Seal insulation in much of the equipment designed to manufacture flat panel displays. All of the materials included in this section have impressive thermal properties. The categories of materials include Calcium Silica sheets and shapes and unique materials such as DuPont Vespel that handles high temperatures but also exhibits low friction properties and will not scratch glass. Another material of note is Johns Manville’s Firetemp SFL, an inorganic, incombustible material composed primarily of lime, silica and reinforcing fibers; it has wide application in the lighting and glass manufacturing industry. We also carry and fabricate parts of Cogetherm M, a mica based material bound with epoxy resin. Click on the materials below for detailed specs.

Distributor / Reseller

We welcome distributors and resellers interested in carrying any of our lines and utilizing our fabrication capabilities to satisfy your customer’s needs. We offer drop shipments with customized labeling and of course account protection. Many of the large, well-known names in the electrical supply industry and the industrial insulation industry rely on Red Seal to provide quality fabricated parts in a timely manner. Please call us at 216-941-3900 and let us know what we can do to help grow your business.

Please contact or call (216) 941-3900 for product information.